Line Marking Paint and Tape

Our Line Marking Paint and Tape Range

Polycote’s full range of tapes and paints are suitable for interior and exterior use. For slip free stairs, ramps and walkways, try our range of treads and technical resins which add grip to any surface. For tough and long lasting lines which are quick and easy to apply, our line marking paints & aerosol sprays are for you. These can be used in any domestic application and commercially have indoor applications such as factory floors, warehouses, hospitals and sports halls. Our line marking paints and treads can be used outdoors on roads, cycle paths, school playgrounds and car parks etc.. If your line marking need is temporary or semi-permanent, our flexible tapes and markers are very strong with a superbly grippy adhesive. These treads and tapes are available in anti-slip, glow in the dark, hazard marking and logo variants too.