Acraflex Primer

High quality solvent based acrylic primer with a smooth finish and excellent penetration and adhesion to porous surfaces.

  • Smooth finish
  • Excellent penetration and adhesion to porous surfaces
  • Unaffected by rainfall immediately after application

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Acraflex Primer Product Details

Acraflex Primer is a high quality solvent based acrylic primer with a smooth finish and excellent penetration and adhesion to porous surfaces. It is unaffected by rainfall immediately after application.
Used as part of a system in conjunction with Acraflex Standard, High Build or Non-Slip, it will increase the bonding power and coverage of these products on porous or friable surfaces and enhances the strength, durability and waterproofing capabilities of the Acraflex system. It is ideal for asbestos roof sheets and weak, dusting concrete substrates.
Acraflex Primer is white in colour and is supplied in 5.0kg and 20.0kg containers.
Acraflex Primer is not to be used with Acraflex RG.

Number of parts:1
Application temperature:5oC to 25oC
Curing time:Up to 24 hours, but may be overcoated when dry
Coverage:5m2 per kg
Shelf life (unopened):12 months

Please consult the technical data sheet for full product technical data.

Thorough substrate preparation is essential.
Remove any moss, lichen or fungal growth by stiff broom or jet washing, then treat the area with Polycote Destroy IT to inhibit further growth. Any cracks, gaps and joints should be cleared of debris and Acraflex Primer applied BEFORE the application of any repair compund to such faults. The surface should be free of standing water and for best results allowed to dry before Acraflex Primer is applied.
Acraflex Primer is not recommended for the treatment of wooden surfaces, tanking, fishponds or any internal use.
Air conditioning vents should be sealed for a minimum of 24 hours during and after the application.
Acraflex High Build should only be used on applications in the UK.
This coating is not suitable for heavy foot-traffic areas.
Minimum Finished Fall: when using Acraflex Primer it is important that a minimum finished fall of 1:80 is achieved, as stated in BS 6229.2003 (Code of Practice for the application of Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems to flat roofs with continuously supported coverings).
Acraflex Primer may be applied by brush or spray onto a dry surface.
Stir well before use. Do not attempt to thin the primer.
Do not walk on newly coated surface during application.