Liquid membrane waterproofing for floors and walls – withstands equivalent of 20m head of positive water pressure

  • Extremely tough (70N/mm.sq) waterproof coating
  • Non-toxic and non-taint
  • Fast drying. Touch dry in approx.1 hour
  • Highly flexible with an elongation breakpoint at 350%
  • Adheres to virtually any substrate including damp surfaces

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Aquaguard Product Details

Typical Uses:
Ideal for the lining and tanking of floors and walls, including basements, to provide a waterproof barrier. Also suitable for use under ceramic tiling and self-smoothing screeds.

Aquaguard is a fast drying, single pack liquid membrane waterproofing system having outstanding flexibility and elasticity with excellent resistance to water pressure, water vapour permeability, and abrasion. It is the professional solution for the waterproofing of concrete and masonry structures.

Easy to use, single pack product
UV resistant once cured
Apply by brush, roller or airless spray

Number of parts:1
Application temperature:Above 7oC
Curing time:Between 1 and 12 hours
Coverage:5L – 9m2
20L – 36m2
Number of coats:2 or 3

Please consult the technical data sheet for full product technical data.

Thorough substrate preparation is essential.
The substrate must be sound, clean and free of loose or friable materials, dust, chalk, oil and grease contamination, mould or algae.
All surfaces should be smooth with a trowelled or brushed finish, and brick-work should be flush pointed. Aquaguard may be applied to damp surfaces but any surface water must be removed.

No priming is necessary.
Very dry surfaces may be dampened with water to assist adhesion.

Stir thoroughly before use.
Aquaguard must be applied to a minimum of 0.6mm Dry Film Thickness (DFT) to provide a vapour barrier. This may be applied by brush, roller or airless spray.
Brush and roller – apply to recommended DFT by a minimum of two coats, re-coating at right angles, when the previous coat is touch dry, normally after one hour, and in any case not exceeding 24 hours to ensure a good intercoat bond.
If a screed is to be applied over the Aquaguard membrane, the second coat may be used as a primer for this screed.
Airless spray – the recommended 0.6mm DFT maybe achieved in a single application.