Bird Deterrent – Pigeon Non Conductive

Totally harmless yet instantly and permanently deters pigeons and gulls – extremely durable and long lasting.

  • Durable UV stabilised polycarbonate base – easily flexes for curved areas
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Supplied in 330mm pre-drilled strips for easy screw or glue fixing

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10.27 (ex VAT)

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Bird Deterrent – Pigeon Non Conductive Product Details

Typical Uses:
Excellent for buildings, parapet walls, fences, sign posts and sign boards, etc.

These very effective yet harmless stainless steel spikes put an end to the unsightly and hazardous problem of persistent bird droppings.

Most effective against pigeons, gulls and similar problem birds – simply fix along their favourite perching and roosting places – job done!

Supplied in packs of 3 (1m per pack).

Gutter clips are available for the Bird Spike system: Polycote UK recommend 6 clips per metre