Brush Strip 180 Angle

180o superior brush strips for draught and pest control – improves working environment by reducing dust, noise and fumes.

  • Conforms to irregular surfaces for total gap fill whilst allowing free door movement
  • Highly effective draught control – 98% seal against air flow
  • Retains warm or chilled air – reducing heating, air conditioning or refrigeration costs
  • Reduces dust, fumes, noise, improving the working environment

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From Only: 26.91 (ex VAT)


Brush Strip 180 Angle Product Details

Are you losing your hard-earned profits through the gaps around your premises?
Struggling to keep the temperature up – or down?
Are rodents and insects threatening the hygiene standards of your operation?
Battling with dust or fumes?
Polycote Brush Strip is the instant, cost-effective answer to all these problems, and many, many more…
Helps to prevent insects, small rodents and birds – reducing disease, contamination, damage and the need for harmful pesticidesReduces dust, fumes, noise, improving the working environmentTotally weather resistant, extremely durable and maintenance freeVery quick and easy to fit with little or no disruptionCan pay for itself in fuel savings in just one year
Polycote Brush Strips conform to irregular surfaces for total gap fill whilst allowing free door movement.