Clearguard UVR

A clear, light stable coating for roof and skylights.

  • Provides a tough abrasion resistant surface
  • Cures to a totally impervious gloss finish

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Clearguard UVR Product Details

Typical Uses:Clearguard UVR can be applied to concrete, brickwork, polycarbonate sheeting and timber surfaces.
Clearguard UVR is a clear, light stable, twin-pack polyurethane coating that will provide a tough abrasion resistant surface. It cures to a totally impervious gloss finish and will seal porous surfaces to prevent water penetration.
Coverage: approx 20sq.m. – 5L

Pot life:20 minutes @ 20oC
Application temperature:Between 10oC and 25oC
Initial cure:8 – 12 hours
Recoat time:8 – 12 hours but must be within 24 hours
Number of parts supplied:2
Priming required:No

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Thorough substrate preparation is essential.
Recommended methods are:Loose paint or rust – remove using suitable means.
Oil or grease – smaller, isolated deposits may be chemically cleaned with Polycote Degrease IT then rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry.Polycarbonate sheeting must be washed and degreased prior to coating.
See relevant Data Sheet prior to application.
Once prepared, the area must be kept clean and free of traffic.
Thoroughly agitate Parts ‘A’ and ‘B’ individually to disperse any settlement, then add hardener Part ‘B’ to resin Part ‘A’ and mix for approximately two minutes using a heavy-duty slow speed drill with a mixing paddle.Ensure thorough mixing as an unmixed product will result in a poor or non-cure situation.
Once mixed, the Clearguard UVR must be applied immediately, by roller or brush, and should be cross-rolled to ensure an even application and to minimise roller marks.
The coverage rate will depend on the desired finish porosity of the substrate. To achieve a 250 micron thickness apply at a rate of 4 sq m per ltr, and for a 500 micron thickness, 2 sq m per ltr.
Please ensure rain is not imminent for at least 18 hours after application.
Test on a small area for compatibility if unsure.