Colormet Adhesion Primer WB

Adhesion promoting primer

  • Universal primer compatible with range of water based paints
  • Increases adhesion on a wide range of problematic substrates
  • Non toxic, low odour formulation suitable for food environments

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Colormet Adhesion Primer WB Product Details

Colormet Adhesion Primer is a water-dispersed product formulated to prime smooth, dense surfaces where other paint formulations would fail to adhere.

Use on:Galvanised steel, copper, zinc, polycarbonate and hard PVC, as well as wood, ceramic tiles, porcelain, glass, plaster, cement, bricks and other construction materials
Use where: Internal/External

Approximate coverage:2.5L – 20 – 25m2 depending on texture and porosity of surface
Cure time:Touch dry – 20 minutes @ 20oC
Ready for over coat – 24 hours
Special features:Fast drying, Solvent free, Extra flexibility, UV resistance

Application temperature:5oC to 35oC
Number of parts supplied:1
Primer for:Colormet Ultra SB Topcoat, other water based paints

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Surface must be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt or any other contamination.
Polycote Degrease IT may be used to remove oil or grease, and Polycote Etch IT to remove light surface corrosion.
In general it is not necessary to provide a mechanical key by sanding smooth surfaces. Colormet Adhesion Primer WB will adhere to previous paint or coatings, but such coatings must be sound and you are advised to test a small area beforehand to ensure compatibility.

Stir thoroughly before use.
Colormet Adhesion Primer WB may be applied by brush, conventional spray gun (undiluted) or airless spray (undiluted, nozzle size 11, pressure 200 bars).