Colormet Ultra SB

Rust preventative solvent based metal finish

  • Extremely weather resistant and durable
  • Withstands heat up to 90oC
  • May be used indoors or out
  • Minimum application temperature 5oC
  • Low odour, white spirit dilutable formulation

99.56 (ex VAT)


Colormet Ultra SB Product Details

Typical Uses:
Ideal for machinery, tank exteriors, racking, metal stairways, railings, street furniture and playground equipment.
The ultimate enamel coating for metal, that may be applied directly to rusted surfaces with little preparation and generally no priming. Colormet Ultra cures very quickly to form an extremely tough, scratch resistant, highly flexible gloss coat.
Both solvent based and water based formulations are available – depending on specific requirements.
Available in 10 standard colours – many other colours available. Please ask.

Number of parts:1
Application conditions:Between 10oC and 35oC, Relative Humidity below 85%
Drying Time @ 20oC:2 hours
Recoatable:16 hours
Coverage:20 – 25m2

Please consult the technical data sheet for full product technical data.

If necessary clean surface by alkaline or high pressure/steam cleaning using detergent as appropriate to ensure complete removal of all grease, oil or other surface contamination.
Loose coatings, mill scale and loose rust should be removed by scraping and wire brushing to St2/3 (ISO8501-1:1988). Intact and firmly bonded existing coatings should be lightly abraded to provide a surface key.
The surface must be clean and dry during application.
When using Colormet primers first, please refer to relevant primer Data Sheets.
Mechanical stirring with a mixing paddle for a few minutes is recommended.
Apply using a brush with long natural bristles, taking care to ensure the surface is completely covered.
The primer may be applied by roller or conventional spray gun if appropriate.
Roller application may require 2 coats to achieve the recommended coverage.
Ensure adequate ventilation during application.