Cretex LM Primer

A primer to seal porous surfaces prior to application of Cretex LM – a lightweight mortar used for vertical and overhead concrete repairs.

Only to be used with Cretex LM
Seals porous surfaces

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Cretex LM Primer Product Details

Specialist lightweight fillers, together with powerful plasticising agents, make Cretex LM the ideal product for both vertical and overhead repairs. Capable of being applied with a smooth finish, the placed product will give protection to exposed reinforcing steelwork to prevent further deterioration.
Cretex LM is chlorine free and has good freeze-thaw stability. Its low absorption to liquids also provides protection against atmospheric pollutants.
Cretex LM Primer is only to be used with Cretex LM.
1 Litre Primer covers 5 sq.m.

Application temperature:10oC – 35oC
Overcoat time:10 – 15 minutes. Cretex LM must be applied before the primer has dried
Number of parts supplied:1
Priming for:Cretex LM Primer must only be used with Cretex LM

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Thorough substrate preparation is essential.
All contact surfaces must be sound, clean and provide good mechanical key. Remove all loose material, plaster, paint and oily deposits.Roughen smooth concrete by scabbling or other mechanical means.Corroded reinforcing steel should be fully exposed and cleaned back to bright metal. Cleaned steel should be protected by Steel Primer.

The substrate should be surface dry before application of Cretex LM Primer.Ensure Cretex LM is applied as soon as the LM Primer has become tacky and before the priming coat has dried.

Stir well before use.Apply the Cretex LM Primer using a stiff bristle brush, working well into the surface.