Cretex LT

Fast curing, low temperature concrete repair mortar. Mix with warm water so also excellent for damp areas, particularly entrances to freezers.

  • Reduce downtime – cures to the strength of concrete in only 2 hours
  • Cures at low temperatures – down to –20oC
  • Suitable for food environments – non taint and odourless
  • Durable, long lasting repair
  • Easy to use – no priming required

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Cretex LT Product Details

Cretex LT is specialist cementitious floor repair mortar with a very fast cure at low temperatures and very rapid strength build up. Ideal for chilled food areas due to it’s non-tainting odourless formulation.

Use on:Concrete. Around ironwork. For other substances contact Polycote Experts
Use where:Internal/External
Typical industries:Cold Store environments, busy 24 hour working environments
Type of job:Ideal for repairs to floors, columns, steps, nosings, kerbs and areas requiring minimum downtime

Approximate coverage:25 kg unit – 1.2m2@ 10mm average thickness
Cure time:2 hours @ 20oC
Special features:Heavy duty, Fast curing, Apply to damp or dry surface

Pot life:10 mins @ 20oC
Application temperature:-20oC to + 35oC
Depth of repair (1 layer):10mm – 50mm
Fully cured strength:55N/mm2
Number of parts supplied:3
Priming required:No

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Thorough substrate preparation is essential.
Concrete repairs should be prepared with squared off edges having a 10mm minimum vertical lip. Remove all loose material – wire brushing is advisable. Sweep clean or vacuum. The surface must be free from grease, oil or contamination. A gas torch will help to remove oil from the surface.

For application temperatures below 5oC – pre-warm the mixing vessel using hot water and warm the mixing water to between 25oC and 30oC. This will accelerate the cure time.
Measure 1.5Ltrs water into a clean mixing bucket and add the complete 25kg unit quantity of Cretex LT powder.
DO NOT EXCEED the stated ratio of water to powder.
Mix to a trowellable consistency using a heavy duty slow speed drill and mixing paddle or force action mixer.
Do not mix more than can be applied in 10 minutes.

Having prepared and pre-wetted the substrate, apply the material using a trowel immediately after mixing.