Decratile Ramp Edge

An elegant looking PVC jigsaw floor matting system – ingeniously locks together with concealed lugs

  • Virtually no tools or preparation needed
  • Loose-lay system – no adhesive, no mess, no added cost, fully repositionable
  • Minimal disruption to productivity during installation
  • Excellent grip, anti-fatigue and thermal insulation properties
  • Tile size 500mm x 500mm x 6mm thick

25.52 (ex VAT)

SKU: 5161201

Decratile Ramp Edge Product Details

Typical Uses:
Perfect for reception areas, showrooms, offices, retail environments, trade counters, children’s indoor play areas, exhibition stands, conference venues… the possibilities are endless.
A brand new sister product to Polycote UK’s extremely successful Duralok interlocking PVC tile system, Decratile takes the ‘jigsaw puzzle’ lock-together concept a stage further; Decratile has no visible lugs, just clean straight joints with a subtle bevelled edge. Designed specifically for commercial, pedestrian and light wheeled traffic, Decratile is precisely moulded in soft, flexible PVC and notches together effortlessly. The slight ‘give’ of the PVC makes Decratile a pleasure to walk on, and reduces fatigue.
Extremely stylish texture and colour options.
Tile size 500mm x 500mm x 6mm thick
Supplied in packs of 10. Prices shown are per pack.
Some colours may be subject to minimum quantities.

Surface preparation:
Begin by removing any dirt either by sweeping or using a vacuum. Decratile has been designed to make the installation as easy as possible and therefore can be laid onto almost any surface condition. However, some uneven surfaces may need rectification prior to installation:
High points: Remove with the use of hand scrapers, diamond grinders or STR machines. All tools and diamond blades are available from our hire department. Low points: Decratile will bridge most small holes and indentations, however it is better if all holes are filled in order to support the tile. Please ring the Polycote Technical Department for the best and easiest solution on 01234 846400.

Product preparation:
As with all PVC, Decratile will expand and contract with changes in temperature. For this reason, we advise that the tiles are stored in the room in which they are to be installed for at least 24 hours prior to installation. This should allow the tiles to adjust laid.

Begin by marking your start point. This should be roughly 20cm away from each wall and in a corner. Once this has been done, ping two string lines 90o to each other through the start point to help with laying the tiles square to each other. Loose lay the tiles out on the floor to settle. Join the tiles together using a rubber mallet. The first tile should be laid with both hidden lug sides towards the wall. This will mean that the following tiles (2 and 23 pictured) can be simply laid on top. We advise that the tiles are laid in place using the following method:

Once all the whole tiles have been laid, leave to settle before measuring, cutting and fitting the final tiles. A 5mm gap must be left around the edge to allow for expansion.