Degrease IT

Powerful degreaser for surface preparation – ideal for removal of heavy grease, oils and fats.

  • Ideal for many other degreasing jobs

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Degrease IT Product Details

Typical Uses:
May be applied to concrete, quarry and ceramic tiles, terrazzo, vinyl and most other hard surfaces.

No paint adheres to oily or greasy surfaces! Degrease IT is ideal for the removal of heavy grease, oils and fats from floor and wall surfaces prior to applying paint or other coatings.

Coverage: 45-60sq.m per unit – 5L
Coverage: 90-120sq.m per unit – 10L
Coverage: 225-300sq.m per unit – 25L

Coverage:5L covers 45-60 sq.m.
10L covers 90-120 sq.m.
25L covers 225-300 sq.m.

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Degrease IT is normally diluted with water at a ratio between 1:4 for floors and 1:40 for machinery.
Degrease IT may be used undiluted for removing severe grease contamination.

Spray or pour and brush Degrease IT onto the surface to be cleaned. Allow to penetrate for at least 5 minutes.
Concrete floors and highly concentrated solutions should be rinsed thoroughly. Smooth surfaces may be wiped clean without rinsing.