Destroy IT

Fungicidal wash solution – ideal to prevent regrowth of algae and similar weeds on roofs, walls, ceilings and masonry.

  • Concentrated formula, dilute with water
  • Ideal for many other degreasing jobs

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Destroy IT Product Details

Destroy IT is a water based fungicidal wash solution containing 2% Di-Methyl Benzalkonium Chloride and 0.5% 2-phenoxide, formulated for the treatment of algae and fungal growth on building surfaces.
Typical Uses:
Ideal for use on surfaces before repairing, painting or coating.

Put an end to fungal growth with Destroy IT! Destroy IT is a fungicidal solution which will eliminate fungal or organic growth on roofs, walls, ceilings, driveways and masonry.

For treatment of areas where fungal and algae growth have been removed to prevent regrowth
Used on roofs, walls, ceilings, masonry, driveways, etc.
Water based solution providing easy application

Coverage:5L covers 50 sq.m.
25L covers 250 sq.m.
Application temperatureabove 5oC
Shelf life:12 months
Storage temperature:+5oC – +30oC

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Moss and similar heavy growth and vegetable matter should be cleared from the surface using a stiff bristle brush or wire brush if necessary. Pressure washing may also help. Ensure the surface is as clean as possible, sound, free of loose or flaking material and dry or damp (but free of standing water) before applying Destroy IT.

Shake well before use.
Apply the solution by brush or broom to the affected area.
After 24 hours, remove any stubborn residues of organic growth by brush or scraper and re-coat any persistent stains.
After application, Destroy IT should be left for 24 hours before any further preparation or painting to avoid spreading active spores to the surrounding area.