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DPM Primer

DPM Primer is a twin pack concrete primer, 100% solids epoxy primer that is ideal for damp or wet surfaces.
The resin includes a specialised water-repellent additive which forms a tenacious moisture barrier

  • Damp proof membrane primer for cement, concrete and other substrates
  • Epoxy Primer Suitable for dry or damp conditions, old or new concrete
  • Usable on concrete with up to 60% moisture content
  • Forms a tenacious waterproof barrier on damp floors and walls
  • Heavy duty floor coverage – withstands the heaviest traffic

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DPM Primer Product Details

Epoxy primer for areas with no Damp Proof Membrane or rising damp.

Use on:Old or new concrete, with a moisture content of up to 60% and 100% humidity
Use where: Internal/External
Typical industries: Commercial and industrial premises with rising damp issues
Type of job: Preparation of a surface where the damp-proof membrane is either non existent or defective, or on newly poured concrete which hasn’t fully dried out yet

Approximate coverage: 5kg – 15-20m2 at 200 microns thick
Special features:Forms a tenacious waterproof barrier, can be applied to damp or wet surfaces, heavy duty

Pot life:15 mins @ 20oC or 10 mins on wet surfaces
Application temperature:10oC – 25 oC
Cure time: Approximately 24 hours
Number of parts supplied:2
Priming for:Polycote Flortex product range

Preparation:Thorough substrate preparation is essential.The surface must be free of brittle particles and laitence. Any remains of previous coatings should be removed by means of scabbling, shotblasting and/or diamond grinding.Important: Free pores must be exposed to ensure good adhesion to the surface.All water must be removed from the surface, leaving it damp but not wet. DPM Primer may then be applied to the damp surface immediately after cleaning.

Mixing:Mix part ‘A’ to part ‘B’ in a suitable container, and thoroughly mix for at least 3 minutes. For best results use a slow speed drill with a mixing paddle, making sure all material from the sides and bottom of the container are thoroughly mixed in. Thorough mixing is imperative as an unmixed product will result in a poor or non-cure situation.

Application:Apply by brush, roller, or squeegee, in one or more continuous applications until the material is absorbed and a film has formed. Make certain that the entire surface is completely covered to prevent water migration.If the DPM Primer is being used underneath a screed or self level we advise that you apply one coat of DPM Primer to the surface and allow to cure and then apply a second coat with kiln dried sand broadcast into the wet coating to create a key for the screed or self level to adhere to.Under no circumstances should aggregate be added to the first coat as this will allow water to bleed through the primer and contaminate the following coats.
Humidity Required
Reading % Coating Thickness
75-85 1 coat of DPM Primer
at 200 microns
85-92 2 coats of DPM Primer
at 200 microns per coat
92-97 3 coats of DPM Primer
at 200 microns per coat.