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Drive Coat

Our popular Drive Coat is a tough anti-skid acrylic road and driveway paint. It’s guaranteed to transform driveways, cycle paths, sports track, and other light traffic areas. The high-quality water-based acrylic driveway paint has a long-lasting, slip-resistant finish that will last for years to come.

  • High quality water-based acrylic coating
  • Tough, rapid curing, long-lasting finish for refurbishing tarmac and concrete
  • Slip resistance conforms to BS7044
  • Ideal for driveway coating, cycleways and light traffic areas

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Drive Coat Product Details

Drive Coat is a high quality water-based acrylic coating providing a tough, long-lasting slip-resistant finish for macadam and concrete. It conforms to BS7044 slip resistance specification.
Typical Uses:
Will transform driveways, cycleways, sports tracks and arenas or any other off road macadam or concrete surface.

A high quality water-based acrylic coating providing a tough, long-lasting slip-resistant finish for macadam and concrete.
Not suitable for heavy traffic areas. Slip resistance conforms to BS7044

Application temperature:Not below 5o
Drying time:Approximately 2 – 4 hours
Number of parts:1
Coverage per 20L:Brush or roller 40 – 60m2
Spray application 120 – 160m2
Number of coats:2

Surfaces should be DRY, NOT DAMP and free from loose or flaking material, dirt, grease and vegetable matter. Vacuum or pressure blasting with air or water may remove any debris. Manual or machine brushing may be suitable.
Powerfloated, chemically/ mechanically hardened, hand floated or tamped concrete surfaces should be shotblasted or treated with Polycote Etch IT to remove weak laitence and provide a surface key.
Friable porous concrete should be stabilised with a coating of Tarmac Binder prior to application of Drive Coat.
Do not apply if there is salt contamination or frost.

Stir well before use.
Apply an even coat by brush, roller or airless spray, using a tip size of 0.7mm (28 thou).
A new macadam surface should be left for at least four weeks to oxidise (longer in winter than in summer) before painting.
New concrete should be allowed to mature for several months before coating.
The best time to apply Drive Coat is between April and October.
Apply 2 coats.