EPS Linemarker

Tough and long lasting coloured epoxy linemarker – 2-3 coats from the same pot!

  • Professional twin pack epoxy
  • Hygienic easy clean surface
  • Unique formulation
  • Cold applied by brush or roller

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180.63 (ex VAT)


EPS Linemarker Product Details

Typical Uses:
Interior and exterior use. Ideal for application to epoxy coated floors and areas where a heat-applied system is unsuitable. Applications include warehouses, factories, airports, loading/parking bays, numerals and colour coding.

Standard epoxys have an approximate application time of only 1 hour max. thereby rendering them useless for linemarking. EPS Linemarker has a unique formulation with a working life of 18 hours once mixed together with a fast cure of only 4-6 hours once applied. 2-3 coats if required can easily be achieved from 1 mix even with the cure time in between coats. EPS Linemarker far outlasts single pack paints and self-adhesive floor marking systems, offering excellent resistance to heavy wheeled traffic, forklifts, pallet trucks, cars, airplanes, water, oil and chemicals.

Professional twin pack epoxy with a unique formulation, producing a hygienic easy clean surface.
Cold applied by brush or roller.

Available in 6 standard colours.

Supplied in 5kg units.

Number of parts:2
Application Temperature:10oC to 25oC
Pot Life (at 20oC):Up to 18 hours
Curing Time (at 20oC):4 – 6 hours
Coverage:300 lin. metres at 100mm wide
Number of coats:2

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Ensure the surface is clean and dry, and that all loose and friable material has been removed. Any oil or grease must be removed using Polycote Degrease IT prior to application of EPS Linemarker.

Add part B to part A and mix thoroughly using a drill and paddle mixer for a minimum of two minutes. Failure to mix thoroughly will result in poor or non-cure material.

Measure and mark out the position of all lines to be painted. Long straight edges may be marked with accuracy by snapping a chalk line. Masking tape may be used to achieve clean edges, or a length of angle or plywood may be used as a straight edge. Apply the mixed EPS Linemarker using a paintbrush of the same width as the line to be applied, or using a short nap roller. A minimum of two coats should be applied. The long pot life and fast cure time enable several coats to be applied from one mix.
When finished do NOT scrape the remaining contents from the container as this will invariably include unmixed raw resin.