Flortex Fastset – Slip Resistant

Floortext Fastset Colour is a high build heavy-duty floor paint. This polyaspartic floor coating can be used in a variety of industries including medical, commedcial, and industrial, however its tough finish makes it perfect for high wear areas, forklift vehicles, and heavily trafficked floors.

  • High abrasion resistance – better than both epoxy and urethane systems
  • Rapid curing in only 2-3 hours (depending upon conditions)
  • No VOCs (volatile oganics)
  • Stain and chemical resistant, especially from oils and fats
  • Non-yellowing, UV resistant formulation
  • High resistance to forklift traffic
  • Available in 5kg units (smooth) and 7kg (slip resistant)

269.87 (ex VAT)


Flortex Fastset – Slip Resistant Product Details

Flortex Fastset Colour is a heavy duty two part 100% solids Polyaspartic floor coating incorporating quality high build fillers, providing a totally impervious coloured gloss finish.

Use on: Concrete and timber floors
Use where: Internal
Typical industries: Suitable for use in industrial, commercial, medical and domestic areas.

Approximate coverage: 5 kg unit – 6 – 20m2 depending on profile, porosity and build required
Special features: Heavy duty, high resistance to forklift traffic, chemical resistant, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, easily applied by roller, easy clean impervious finish

Pot life:25-30 mins @ 20oC
Application temperature:2oC – 30oC
Cure time: Re-coat 2-3 hours @ 20oC
Light traffic – 4 – 5 hours
Full traffic – 8 – 10 hours
Number of parts supplied:2
Priming:Not necessary unless concrete is very dry or porous in which case prime with Fastset Primer

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Preparation:Thorough substrate preparation is essential.
The substrate must be clean, sound, dry and all surface laitance removed, either by shot blasting, mechanical abrasion or with Polycote Etch IT.
The substrate moisture content should be less than 75% ERH on the basis of hygrometer readings.
Wooden substrates should be thoroughly cleaned and any previous coatings and waxes removed from the surface. If necessary, sand the surface in the direction of the timber grain.
Having fully prepared the substrate, thoroughly agitate Parts ‘A’ and ‘B’ individually to disperse any settlement, then add hardener Part ‘B’ to resin Part ‘A’ and thoroughly mix for at least 2 minutes until the two parts have combined. For best results use a heavy duty slow speed drill with a mixing paddle.
Ensure thorough mixing as an unmixed product will result in a poor or non-cure situation.
Once mixed, the Flortex Fastset must be applied immediately.
It can be applied as a single coat or as multiple coats to build up a depth of cover.
Application is by means of roller or brush with a consistant procedure. Floor areas should be cross-rolled to ensure an even application and to minimise roller marks.
Recommended system thickness (dry) is 150 microns to 500 microns (per coat).