Flortex MC STD

A methacrylate based high build durable resin floor coating for warehouse floors and other industrial functions – extremely fast curing.

  • Initial cure 1-1½ hours – minimal downtime
  • Standard grade cures at 0oC to +30oC
  • Cold store grade (CSG) cures at –40oC to 0oC
  • Ideal for industrial refrigerators and freezer floors
  • Withstands heavy forklift traffic, etc.

200.81 (ex VAT)


Flortex MC STD Product Details

A very hard wearing high build resin floor coating capable of curing with amazing speed between 0 and 30oC.

There are two grades available – Standard which cures at 0oC to +30oC and Cold Store Grade (CSG) which cures from –40oC to 0oC

Coverage: 15-20sq.m per unit

Supplied in 5kg units.Bargain Basement option available

Pot life:15 mins @ 10oC
Application temperature:0oC to +30oC
Initial cure time:1 hour
To accept traffic:2 hours
Overcoat (if required) time:within 1 hour
Full strength cure time:7 days
Number of parts supplied:2
Coverage:15-20 sq.m. per 5kgs unit
Primer required:Yes

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

The substrate should be prepared and primed with Polycote MC Primer.
See relevant Data Sheet for full recommendations on preparation and priming.
Before mixing this product you must be totally prepared for rapid uninterrupted application of the complete mixed quantity within 15 minutes.
Once the surface has been primed with MC Primer and this has cured (1-1½ hours, or longer at very low temperatures), pour the resin Part ‘A’ into a suitable mixing vessel and add the colour pigment, mixing for approximately 3 minutes. Then add the hardener Part ‘B’ mixing thoroughly until all components are combined.
For best results use a heavy duty slow speed drill with mixing paddle.Ensure thorough mixing as an unmixed product will result in a poor or non-cure situation.
Once the product is thoroughly mixed, apply immediately using a brush or roller, making sure the area is completely covered. Particular attention should be given to doorways and other areas of high traffic. When finished, DO NOT scrape the remaining contents from the container as this will invariably include unmixed raw resin.