Flortex PU Cove Mix

A 3-part polyurethane mix for forming radius coves. It provides an excellent slip resistant, lightly textured matt finish with high chemical resistance.

  • A long term, hard wearing hygienic screed system
  • Suitable for all industrial environments and climates
  • A seamless, easy to clean, professional finish
  • High level of chemical resistance
  • Supplied in 16kg units
  • Installation available from Polycote Contract Services Team

118.67 (ex VAT)


Flortex PU Cove Mix Product Details

Flortex PU Cove Mix is a 100% solids three-part polyurethane mix designed for the coating of coving and forming radius coves.

Use on: Moisture-free concrete floors.
Use where: Internal
Typical industries: Food manufacturing and processing, dairies, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical and chemical plants.
Type of job: Heavy duty industrial areas requiring a seamless, professional finish

Approximate coverage:5 linear metres at 100mm x 50mm (2″ radius)
Cure time:Light traffic 12hours@ 20oC
Heavy duty traffic – 48 hours
Full chemical cure – 7 days

We strongly recommend that this product is installed only by our fully trained and highly skilled tradesmen. We offer a nationwide competitive, reliable and professional service. Please call our Technical Sales team to discuss your project.

Pot life:15 mins @ 20oC
Application temperature:15oC – 25oC
Initial cure:4 – 6 hours
Light traffic:12 hours
Full traffic:48 hours
Number of parts supplied:3

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Thorough substrate preparation is essential.The screed or substrate should be mechanically prepared to a clean, sound and dry surface with a good mechanical key.

All surfaces should be treated with a suitable primer. Application of Flortex PU Cove Mix should be applied onto the tacky primer, typically 45-60 mins after application in order to achieve a sound adhesive bond.
Mix the coloured base component to an even consistency, ensuring the re-dispersion of any settled pigment.Thoroughly scrape the contents of the base and hardener components into the same container and mix thoroughly for one minute.Pour the combined base and hardener into a rotary drum mixer and add the aggregate component steadily, mixing for a minimum of 3 minutes, until a homogeneous mix of the three parts is achieved.

Apply to pre-primed areas with a coving trowel to form the skirting as required.
Due to the different aggregates used in this vertical grade material, a variation in surface texture and colour density must be expected. Where a closer colour match is required to adjacent surfaces then Flortex PU Screed Seal should be used to overcoat the Cove Mix within 24 hours of application.
Application thickness is typically 2-9mm (vertically 4mm maximum)