Flortex Steam Seal – Slip Resistant

An extremely hard-wearing steam cleanable floor coating – withstands high temperature pressure washing.

  • 100% solids high build epoxy coating
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Withstands high temperature pressure washing
  • Extremely hard wearing

364.20 (ex VAT)


Flortex Steam Seal – Slip Resistant Product Details

Typical Uses:
Hospitals, kitchens, dairies, breweries, nursing homes, abattoirs, schools, leisure centres, food processing plants etc.

Flortex Steam Seal answers an age old problem where standard coatings blister from the substrate due to the necessities of cleanliness requiring the use of a steam cleaner or hot pressure washer.

Steam Seal is an extremely hard wearing 100% solids epoxy which has been professionally formulated to have superb adhesion, together with high elasticity to cope with the thermal shock from high temperature cleaning.

High elasticity also withstands thermal shock
Smooth or Slip Resistant finishes

Number of parts:2
Application temperature:10oC to 25oC
Pot Life (at 20oC):40 minutes
Curing time:8 – 10 hours
Priming required:Yes – EP, WD or OT Primer
Coverage:Smooth: 35 – 40 sq.m.
Slip Resistant: 30 – 40 sq.m.

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Thorough substrate preparation is essential. Prior to application of Flortex® Steam Seal a suitable primer should be applied. These include Polycote™ EP Primer, WD Primer or OT Primer, depending on the type and the condition of the surface.
Please contact Polycote technical helpline and prepare the surface in accordance with the appropriate primer data sheet.

Having fully prepared the substrate, stir the individual components before mixing together. Add Part ‘B’ to Part ‘A’ and thoroughly mix for at least 3 minutes. For best results use a heavy duty slow speed drill with a mixing paddle.
Ensure thorough mixing as an unmixed product will result in a poor or non-cure situation.

Flortex® Steam Seal may be applied by brush, roller or squeegee, depending on the film thickness required.
To achieve a SMOOTH high build finish – apply Flortex® Steam Seal at a rate of 0.3kg to 1.0kg per 1m2 using a roller or squeegee.
When the quantity of resin used exceeds 0.5kgm2, air bubbles may become trapped in the coating. These are removed by using a Polycote spiked roller. This must be carried out immediately after application of the resin BEFORE CURING TAKES PLACE. Spiked shoes should be worn to avoid disturbing the wet coating.