Grit Bin Kit – (Green / STD Rock Salt)

The full kit to fulfill all your requirements – everything you will need.

  • A full kit to fulfil every need and increase the safety of your site or roadway

255.15 (ex VAT)

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Grit Bin Kit – (Green / STD Rock Salt) Product Details

A full kit to fulfil every need and increase the safety of your site or roadway. Our kits include a 170L Grit Bin made from a top quality, reinforced material with an easy to use, lightweight snow shovel that will make the job so much easier and four 25kg bags of the salt of your choice.
Get prepared and don’t get caught out by the bad weather – again!
Winter is not the time to start trying to buy Rock Salt Kits as supplies run out very quickly and many companies charge high prices at peak times. It does not have a shelf life and is an essential component to ensure your business remains unaffected by bad weather!! Due to the past few years experiences of chaos caused to businesses, schools and public services in a very short period of time, we have sourced two high grade and effective Rock Salts. The two main types of salt used for gritting are Brown Rock Salt and White Marine Salt.
Brown Rock Salt is less expensive, however it tends to be more suitable for car parks as it leaves a gritty residue that ends up on the carpets of offices and homes, and also gets carried into warehouses and stores by vehicular traffic, causing a lot of on-going mess!! It is worthy to note that whilst it is cheaper to buy, the resultant mess is far more annoying than a few quid!!!
White Marine Salt is by far the favourite for areas where salt residue and mess is unacceptable. Another major factor is that it is far more effective and longer lasting, which simply means you use less of it!!