HD Cleaner – 25L

Powerful heavy duty floor cleaner with a safe, natural formula.

  • Concentrated formula, may be diluted up to 1:100
  • Naturally derived citrus solvent
  • Safe for user and the environment
  • Ideal for use in food areas
  • Excellent for regular maintenance routines

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HD Cleaner – 25L Product Details

HD Cleaner is a concentrated and fast acting formulation based on naturally derived citrus solvent blended with specialised surfactants. HD Cleaner is very economical in use, being dilutable in ratios up to 1:100 with water, yet may be safely used undiluted on virtually all surfaces for very stubborn deposits. It effectively removes the source of bad odours leaving a fresh and pleasant citrus fragrance.

Typical Uses:
HD Cleaner will remove dirt, grime, diesel oil, food oil, fats, grease, engineering oil, tobacco film and rubber marks from all types of hard floor and virtually any other hard surfaces and even fabrics. It is widely used for regular cleaning routines on floors, walls, plant equipment and machinery, vehicle valeting, boats including fishing vessels and many other food industry, engineering, warehousing, commercial, hospital and school applications.

Coverage:5L covers 45-60 sq.m.
25L covers 225-300 sq.m.

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

For general floor cleaning a dilution of 1 part HD Cleaner to 10 parts water is normal. As a spray-on wipe-off hard
surface cleaner, dilute 1:50. For extreme economy, dilutions of up to 1:100 may be used. Use neat on
stubborn deposits.

Make up to the dilution required and apply using a mop, cloth, sponge or spray as appropriate to the surface area. On floors or heavy soiled areas, leave the solution for 2 minutes to penetrate and dissolve the dirt, then scrub any persistent deposits, rubber marks etc. before rinsing with clean water. Leave to air dry.