Hyglaze EP

High build pure epoxy wall coating providing an easy clean coloured gloss finish that will not allow mould or fungal growth.

  • Non toxic or taint, solvent free
  • Normally applied over WD Primer
  • Can be applied up to 400 microns thick
  • Extremely hardwearing, chemical and abrasion resistant

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Hyglaze EP Product Details

Hy-Glaze™ EP is a thixotropic two part epoxy wall coating with a solids content of 97%. Its specialised formulation enables a thickness of up to 0.5mm to be achieved easily in two coats. Extremely tough, totally impervious and highly resistant to chemicals and jet washing, Hy-Glaze™ EP provides an easy clean coloured gloss finish that will not allow mould or fungal growth.
Supplied in 5kg units.
Typical Uses:
Used extensively throughout industry in hospitals, hotels, farms, zoos and food factories etc., in kitchens, milking parlours, monkey houses etc.

Unit size:5 kgs
Number of parts:2
Application temperature:Between 15oC and 25oC
Pot life @ 20oC:20 – 25 minutes
Initial curing time:8 – 10 hours
Re-coat time:After 1st coat has dried, but within 36 hours
Coverage:15m2 per 5kg unit at 200 microns thickness
Primer required:Yes – either WD Primer or EP Primer

Please consult the technical data sheet for full product technical data.

Thorough substrate preparation is essential.
Prior to application of Hy-Glaze™ EP, the surface should be primed with either Polycote WD Primer or Polycote EP Primer, depending on the type and condition of the substrate. Please contact Polycote Technical Helpline for advice, and follow preparation guidelines on the relevant primer Data Sheet.

Having fully prepared the substrate, stir the individual components before mixing together. Add Part ‘B’ to Part ‘A’ and thoroughly mix for at least 3 minutes.
For best results use a heavy duty slow speed drill with a mixing paddle.
Ensure thorough mixing as an unmixed product will result in a poor or non-cure situation.

Having prepared and primed the surface, Hy-Glaze™ EP should be applied after the primer has completely dried but within 36 hours of priming to ensure a good intercoat chemical bond. Apply by brush or roller making sure that the surface is completely covered.
Particular attention should be given to any protrusions or other vulnerable areas. When finished, DO NOT scrape the remaining contents from the container as this will invariably include unmixed raw resin.