Quick Coat EP

Quickcoat is ultra fast drying tarmac paint for car parks, paths, roads and cycleways – tack free in only 20 mins and slip resistant. Choose from 11 colours.

  • Will withstand heavy traffic as little as 2 hours after application
  • Safe, non-slip textured surface
  • Applied by brush, roller or airless spray
  • Suitable for tarmac, asphalt or concrete

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Quick Coat EP Product Details

Typical Uses:
Ideal for marking both disabled and parent & child ‘parking bays’, to meet new regulations.

Polycote UK’s Quickcoat EP is an advanced single pack epoxy formulation designed to allow the shortest possible downtime when demarcating car parks, paths and cycleways.

Available in 9 standard colours

Number of parts:1
Application Temperature:10oC to 25oC
Drying Time:Tack Free: 20 minutes @ 20oC
Open to traffic: 2 hours
Coverage:1 – 1.2 sq.m. per kg

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Do not apply this product if the surface is damp, wet or frosty.
Ensure the surface is clean dry and free from loose or flaking material, dirt, grease and vegetative growth. Vacuum or pressure blasting with air or water may remove any debris. Friable or porous concrete should be stabilised first. If applying to new asphalt, any fluxes/oils will need removing before application. Any shiny surfaces may require special preparation, please contact Polycote for further details.
New concrete should be allowed to mature for several months before coating. The best period for application is between April and October while strictly observing coating temperatures and conditions.

Stir can well before use. Add the aggregate whilst stirring the product. Do NOT add any aggregate if applying by airless spray.
Apply an even coat either by brush, roller or by airless spray.
Airless Spray – Apply one coat for a closed surface. TIP – If you are to use airless spray we recommend a nozzle size of 35 thou.
Roller – Simply roller on Quickcoat EP. Do not pour onto surface, apply via roller.