Quick Line EP

A very fast curing single pack epoxy linemarking paint which cures in only 15-20 minutes at 20oC.

  • Will withstand heavy traffic in as little as 2 hours
  • Safe, non-slip textured surface version also available
  • Applied by brush, roller or airless spray

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Quick Line EP Product Details

Quickline EP has been specifically designed to adhere to almost any road surface including concrete, tarmac, blacktop, block paving and wood, and is excellent for use on roads, pedestrian crossings, car parks, helipads, runways, as well as general linemarking in warehouses and factories.
A minimum thickness of 150 microns is recommended.
A 5kg unit of Quickline will achieve approximately 120 linear metres at 100mm wide.

Number of parts:1
Application Temperature:Above 5oC
Curing Time @ 20oC:Touch dry: 10 minutes
Fully dry: 15-20 minutes
Full traffic: 2 hours
Coverage (5kg):120 lin.m. at 100mm wide

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Do not apply this product is the surface is damp, wet or frosty.
Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from any loose material. Remove any contamination, including dust, oil and laitance.
New concrete must be allowed to fully cure which can take up to 3 months. New tarmac needs several months to weather before painting. In all cases a small area should be tested before application.
If Quickline EP is to be used on synthetic surfaces (i.e. sports pitches, etc.) or where previous line markings exist, we strongly recommend testing on a small area to check the substrate or previous coating will provide a sound bonding to the new product.

Mix thoroughly before use.
Quickline EP can be applied by a lining machine, airless spray (tip size 11-13 thou), conventional spray or brush for small areas or lines.
If the concrete/tarmac is particularly porous, a thinner first coat should be applied to seal the surface. This should then be followed by another coat applied 1-2 hours after the sealer coat. A minimum thickness of 150 microns is recommended.