Roof Tile Coat

Our roof tile paint provides a solution to unsightly roofs at a fraction of the cost. This high-quality roof tile coating is perfect for refurbishment projects and inhibit the growth of moss and lichen and can bind the loose surfaces, which helps prevent sand accumulating in the gutters.

High-quality acrylic roof tile coating
Adheres strongly to concrete and fibre cement roof tiles
Prevents the growth of moss and lichen etc.
UV resistant and light fast

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Roof Tile Coat Product Details

Roof Tile Coat is a high quality acrylic coating that adheres strongly to concrete and fibre cement roof tiles, transforming the appearance and extending the roof life.
Roof Tile Coat is a high quality water-based 100% acrylic coating designed to seal and protect roof tiles against weathering and degeneration. Light-fast and durable with a semi-matt finish, Roof Tile Coat reduces the porosity of the tile surface, limiting water penetration for reduced roof load when wet, and prevents the cracking of tiles caused by freeze-thaw cycles.

Reduces porosity causing freeze-thaw cracking of tiles and seals loose surfaces. UV resistant and light fast. It also inhibits the growth of moss and lichen and binds loose friable surfaces, preventing the accumulation of sand in the gutters. Roof tile coat is the perfect answer for giving a new look to an old roof and is used extensively in refurbishment projects to create a smart uniform appearance over old/new tiles.

Unit size: 15L

Number of parts:1
Application temperature:Not below 5oC
Drying time:Surface dry: 2-4 hours
Recoat time: 4-6 hours after 1st coat has dried, but preferably after overnight drying
Coverage:Approximately 37.5m2
Number of coats required:2

Please consult the technical data sheet for full product technical data.

Clean the surface by power washing. Stubborn moss or fungal growth may be removed with a stiff broom or wire brush if necessary. Treat any fungal residues with Polycote Destroy IT in accordance with relevant Data Sheet. Replace any broken or missing tiles and re-cement ridge and bonnet tiles as necessary. Allow roof to dry thoroughly before coating.
Roof Tile Coat may be applied by brush or spray. Two coats are recommended, allowing to dry between coats – approximately 4-6 hours, but preferably overnight.
Airless spray – use nozzle size 15-21 and 135 bars pressure.
Ensure product is thoroughly mixed beforehand.
At lower ambient temperatures the product may require thinning with up to 5% of water if spray applied.