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Rooflex Sealant

Rooflex™ Sealant is a gun-applied moisture curing modified polymer joint, gap, crack and hole repair compound with outstanding resistance to weathering and joint movement, coupled with excellent adhesive properties.

  • Incredible flexibility allows joint movement of up to 220%
  • Apply to any surface
  • Outstanding resistance to weathering and UV
  • Easy gun application

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Rooflex Sealant Product Details

Rooflex Sealant is a gun applied repair compound. This polyurethane roof and joint sealing compound has outstanding resistance to weathering and joint movement.

Use on:Asphalt, bitumen, felt, asbestos, concrete, roofing tiles, slate, brick, stone, cast iron, galvanised steel, aluminium, lead, zinc, glass and timber
Use where:External repairs to joints, gaps, cracks and holes prior to coating

Coverage:Joint size 6mm x 6mm – 380ml Cartridge will cover 21.1m
Cure time:20 minutes @ 20oC/65% relative humidity, Rooflex Sealant will form a tack-free skin after and cure at a rate of 2mm per 24 hours.
Special features:Excellent adhesion, extra flexibility, UV resistance, waterproof

Application temperature:5oC to 35oC
Number of parts supplied:1
Priming required:Seal porous surfaces with Rooflex Primer first to prepare the surface and to improve adherence and coverage

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Thorough joint preparation is essential.
For optimum joint movement accommodation, the joint must be NOT LESS THAN 6mm wide. Narrower joints and cracks subject to movement must therefore be raked out and opened out to this minimum size. The prepared surface should be dry, clean, sound and free of flaking or loose material, moss or fungal growth. Any previous joint sealant material should be removed.Porous surfaces should be sealed with SP Primer before applying Rooflex Sealant.

A single coat of SP Primer should be applied if appropriate using a clean dry brush and allowed to dry for 60 minutes. Rooflex Sealant should then be applied as soon as possible and in any case within 8 hours.

Apply using a caulking gun. Cut the nozzle at an angle to facilitate the placing of the sealant.