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Wallflex HB

Wallflex is a highly protective and decorative coating that has been developed using our latest technological advancements

  • Water based – Environmentally friendly
  • Protects, insulates and weatherproofs in one coat
  • Allows the wall to breathe
  • Contains ceramic spheres – increasing the insulative properties of the wall.
  • Withstands harsh climates and wind driven rain

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Wallflex HB Product Details

Wallflex HB is a high-build, environmentally friendly, decorative, single pack coating. Withstanding harsh climates, Wallflex HB will protect, insulate and weatherproof.
Is your building suffering from old / flaking paint, damp penetration, cracked render, crumbling pebbledash or brickwork? Brickwork and renders are mostly porous substrates and suffer from damp penetration followed by degradation caused from freeze-thaw cycles. Constant expansion and contraction takes its toll and renders and coatings begin to crack and crumble. Wallflex HB is a highly weather resistant coating that easily withstands wind-driven rain, ice and snow. It is also highly flexible, frost resistant and easily copes with normal expansion and contraction.
Suffering from mildew or mould? A lot of coatings on the market seal the wall and stop the rain, but do not allow the wall to breathe causing the wall to ‘sweat’. Wallflex HB is a totally weather resistant wall coating that remains water vapour permeable, allowing the wall to breathe without diminishing any of its protective qualities.
Are you aware that environmentally friendly products can last longer and are easier to use? As Polycote has produced long-term maintenance solutions, we have also striven to help the environment. Wallflex HB is one of our latest technological advancements – being a solvent-free, environmentally friendly wall coating. The ingredients used in this new formulation substantially reduce air emissions and vapour toxicity and are not only less damaging to the environment but are more user friendly too!
Would you like to eliminate your repainting needs for many years to come? Wallflex HB is a highly weather resistant, flexible coating with a life expectancy in excess of 20 years. Polycote, formed in 1991 now has buildings that are still coated, still look great and still give all the same protection we promised all those years ago.
Insulating qualities of Wallflex HB. Wallflex HB has been developed to contain ceramic spheres and pigments (more commonly found in the space industry), that reflects heat and significantly reduce heat loss in the winter and/or heat gain in the summer months. Wallflex HB also has anti-carbonation properties, protecting reinforced concrete structures from corrosion of the reinforcing steel.
100’s of satisfied customers
Adheres to virtually any surface including: pebbledash, render, brick, block, concrete, Stucco, Tyrolean
Far longer lasting than conventional masonry paint!
Available in six different colours: Winter White, Magnolia, Cream, Champagne, Silver Grey and Suffolk Pink

Number of parts:1
Application temperature:Above 5oC
Drying time @ 20oC:Touch dry: 45 minutes
Hard dry: 8 hours
Recoatable: 24 hours
Coverage:5L: 10 – 20m2
15L: 30 – 60m2
Number of coats:2

Please consult the technical data sheet for full product technical data.

Thorough substrate preparation is essential.
The surface must be dry, sound, clean and free of loose or friable material, dust, chalk, oil and grease contamination. It is important that very damp or wet walls are not coated. Algae or fungi should be removed by power washing the surface and then coated with Polycote Destroy IT. Wallflex HB will bridge over hairline cracks, but larger cracks and other surface damage should be treated with suitable fillers or repair materials.

Priming is unnecessary unless the substrate is very porous, in which case a primer coat should be applied using Wallflex thinned 10-15% with water.
This should be left to dry overnight before the top coat is applied.

Wallflex HB is ideally suited to application by roller and brush, although it may be sprayed. The roller should be a heavy pile for rough surfaces and a medium to short pile for smooth surfaces.
Airless spraying should use a tip size of 18-23 thou and pressure of 150-200 bar. Mask off all areas not to be coated.
Apply 2 coats.