Worn and weathered roof gets much-needed refresh

The Project

Our client for this order was a leading independent automotive refinish supplier that works with motor manufacturers and industry experts. The company offers a wide range of services and operates out of over ten branches across the United Kingdom. With such a wide network, companies need their premises to be in top working order to deliver the best service to valued customers and support their internal productivity.

Managing the integrity of business centres is vital to ensuring they provide consistent and reliable defence against the elements, protecting precious interior equipment and preventing downtime and unnecessary costs. When the client noticed the roof on two of their warehouses needed an update, Polycote had the solution.

The Polycote Solution

The client had two large warehouses (1200 sq. ft) with worn and weathered metal roofs that needed to be refreshed. Metal roofs are extremely durable and can tolerate extreme weather. Their high resistance and fire-resistant qualities also make them a popular choice for buildings such as warehouses, as well as their security and safety.

If a metal roof becomes damaged or worn, this is when issues can arise. Not only can water ingress ruin precious interiors but it can impact the infrastructure of the building and trigger long-term problems like mold and rot.

The client placed an order for Polydex™, our incredible metal coating, to restore their roof. The work was carried out by a contractor and the roof now looks as good as new and is protected against the elements once more to keep the warehouses secure.

polydex roofing

About the Product

Polydex™ is the ultimate elastomeric rust prevention coating for exterior metal. It provides superb long-lasting rust protection and is impermeable to water, making it a great solution for protecting your premises against rain ingress and other damaging weather. This coating has top-quality resistance to cracking and does not peel which keeps the appearance fresher for a lot longer than alternative products.

The high build coating is available in 5kg and 20kg units and eight different colours to match the exterior appearance of your building. Polydex™ High Build has a stiff consistency, maintaining full coating thickness even on external 90º corners and vulnerable edges.


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